Send Yourself (in Audio, Video or Pictures) to Ladan
You will be presented to Ladan at an appropiate time

Ladan with headphones
If you have a microphone connected to your computer
you can record a message directly by clicking here.
You can upload one or more files
using the form below
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If you have no idea what to say then you may wish to choose one or more of the following ideas. It may help to plan what you will say before you record. You can use more than one idea per recording, if you are able to share a lot of thoughts from just one category below then consider splitting some of them across multiple recordings.

  • Recall something Ladan would remember not long before November 2004
  • Recall something more distant in the past
  • Tell Ladan a little about what you have been doing
  • Read something you think Ladan would enjoy hearing
  • Read a Baha'i prayer or Holy Writings
  • Share a photo or video of something Ladan will remember
  • Share a photo or video of something Ladan would enjoy
  • Share one or more jokes you think Ladan would like

In General...
  • Imagine Ladan, fully healthy, in front of you. Smile at her and keep smiling as you speak.
  • You may wish to start with something like "This is something for you to enjoy while you are regaining (your strength / your consciousness / full health / wakefulness) at the Minories in Newcastle"
  • Try to avoid over-emphasis on anything that indicates the passage of time since November 2004
  • I will try to provide feedback on Ladan's response to your media