Herald the Birth Of a New World


Herald the Birth Of a New World – The Times of India, 20/10/04

“Few would have believed, when the Bab was born 185 years ago today, that the son of an Iranian merchant would herald the first world religion that would proclaim the equality of gender, the abolishment of slavery and the oneness of the human race…”

“As people everywhere become aware of the inadequacies of fanaticism, materialism, and extreme nationalism to solve the problems of a changing world, the Baha’i teachings point to a new way of life…”

This article, published on October 20th in The Times of India, gives voice to the uniting vision of the Baha’i community and provides a glimpse of how an optimistic view of the world’s future may take evidence from the turbulence of the times in which we live.

Link: article, Herald the Birth Of a New World

Link: source, The Times of India

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