From the Universal House of Justice

On Friday I received a copy of this very beautiful letter sent to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the UK from the Department of the Secretariat of the Universal House of Justice, the international legislative authority of the Baha’i Faith based on Mount Carmel in Israel and in the vicinity of the Holy Shrines of Baha’u’llah, The Bab and ‘Abdu’l-Baha.


10 May 2005

The National Spiritual Assembly of
the Bahá’ís of the United Kingdom

Dear Bahá’í Friends,

The Universal House of Justice received your email letter dated 5 May 2005. You are assured of its prayers in the Holy Shrines on behalf of Mrs. Ladan Herbert that Bahá’u’lláh may enfold her in His tender mercy and healing grace. Prayers will also be offered for the strength and well-being of her husband and family.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,Department of the Secretariat

2 thoughts on “From the Universal House of Justice”

  1. Truly honoured, delighted that such beautifully focussed prayers be offered for Ladan and deeply moved that I should be remebered in these prayers too.

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