Ladan Update

Ladan on her 2nd birthdayIt’s been a little while since I wrote about Ladan, largely because there has not been as much to say as I would have hoped. While Ladan is getting more physiotherapy than she did in the hospital everything else is incredibly slow, nearly 1.5 months into Ladan’s stay at the rehabilitation centre they have only just started assessing her to see what she responds to best, which is the first step before drawing up a suitable rehabilitation programme for Ladan. There is also some information that I have not had access to as Ladan’s new consultant seems unhappy with us asking for it, such as how well the treatment of vasculitis, which caused this whole problem, is going.These problems aside, I can cautiously say that Ladan seems to be recovering to where she was before her last haemorrhage, she is starting to move her head and limbs a bit more again and occasionally she is seeming to focus again and is fairly frequently blinking eyes twice in succession after long a period of normal eye action when requested by family members, though after a couple of requests Ladan’s eyes seem to go into something of a blinking frenzy so it has not been possible to try using this as a communication window again as yet. Over the last couple of weeks Ladan has been less sleepy than she was for the first month in the rehabilitation unit, something that was causing us some concern. I can say that I certainly feel Ladan is moving slowly in the right direction again but I say it cautiously because we still don’t know for sure, nor are we likely to discover, what caused Ladan’s last bleed and so there is always the fear that another set-back will hinder Ladan’s recovery before we manage to reach any milestones.

The prayers continue, and I am sure they are very effective. I often feel a great power about the prayers that are said in Ladan’s room and I know from other friends who have visited that I am not alone in this sensation. I also regularly encourage Ladan to tune into, and use the power of, all the prayers that are being said for her around the world, and I am truly thankful to those of you who continue to remember Ladan in your prayers and thoughts.

The photo is of Ladan on her 2nd birthday, not for any reason other than I thought it would be something different. If you click on it you will see a fuller version including the cake that is nearly the same size as Ladan herself (then).

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