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Things are very similar to how they were in my last update a couple of weeks ago, Ladan has had no obvious problems over the last few weeks and is, I think, showing tiny little signs of improvement, in several areas. While these currently percieved changes are small and could therefore be at least partly imagined I am not the only person with this impression. Assuming there is change it certainly seems to be in the right direction.

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  1. I guess I am a little over cautious having seen setbacks follow improvement so often. One of the things that is small but encouraging is that Ladan is making sounds sometimes… not words but sounds, sometimes groaning and sometimes more short and broken. Tonight I was told that last night Ladan was making some noises and appeared to be trying to communicate… lately Ladan has looked like she is trying to communicate quite often and can seem to become frustrated as if by the inability to do so… but these are just appearances and nobody can say what the different sounds, facial expressions and body movements mean for sure. Generally I steer clear of mentioning things that Ladan appears to do but since some of the overnight staff also felt this may be the case I thought I would share it. As I am keen to repeat, it is often the case that a step forward is followed by two steps back, maybe the patient is diverting strength to recovery that would otherwise maintain their stability, or family and friends become more confident and a lessening of concern results in less prayer and possitive energy being sent in the direction of the patient, but I have seen this pattern with other people as well as ladan.

  2. James I have asked for prayers on the Delphi Forum for you all and given your blog address. I was also speaking to Sue who sends you much love and keeps you in her prayers and says she is still keeping an eye on things down south.
    I spoke of the things in your own comment and said I too felt that sometimes she seemed very responsive, appearing upset. But as you say maybe this is part of the healing process, I pray it is as I also pray to see her smiling face once again responding as only Ladan does.
    Blessings and love

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