Humour: Baha’i Car Stickers

The following list was first published on the old UK Baha’i youth website Phoenix Online:

Potential Car Stickers with a Baha’i theme.

  • Fast in March
  • Too far to travel? Bahá’ís work to make the world smaller!
  • I’d rather be in Haifa!
  • If you’re trying to meet your Maker there IS a better way!
  • Beam me up Unknowable Essence!
  • Fed up of this highway? Try the Bahá’í way!
  • Restricted Vision? Read World Order of Bahá’u’lláh.
  • There’s an old sticker under this one. It quotes the Hidden Words.
  • Dizzy Lives!
  • I don’t have another car, my other journey’s a spiritual one!
  • Enjoy stops on your journey? Join The Bahá’í Faith for services in this world and the next.
  • Báb’í on Board!

3 thoughts on “Humour: Baha’i Car Stickers”

  1. Good ones. It took me a while to get the “Hidden Words” joke. It inspired me to think of some more.

    How about…

    (in small print)
    I know you just missed the Return of Christ. So stop reading this and at least pay attention to the road!

    My other car is in Carmel

    Stuck behind me? “Follow me, Be as I am.”

    I want to say “see you in hell” but I know better now.

    The car is not a transformer, but the driver is a transformer of the world.

    Are you geographically illiterate? You may like this message: “The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.”

    Honk if you want to meet “the messenger of joy.”

    Back off, or I will stamp the seal, “the Kingdom is God’s”upon your brow.

  2. Love the bumper stickers!!

    I’ll send some of them to my friend Justice St. Rain of “Special Ideas” here in the States.

    I have some other friends who laugh about a collection from the Franklin Mint of Baha’i House of Worship Beer Steins…i.e. the the flip top would be a replica of each of the Houses of Worship…we could find new ways of using them for the wine of astonishment…looking at what I just wrote, I guess you have to be in the “correct” silly mood for it to make sense!!!! My friend who came up with it is a Baha’i Farmer – which here in the States, we call the most great minority – at least in the Baha’i Community.

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