Book Release: Veiled Souls

Veiled Souls: “Veiled Souls is a Katrin Kassiri’s memoirs by Reza Safarnejad and Katrin Kassiri. In 1976 Iran is a peaceful, prosperous and westernized country. Katrin is an eight-year-old girl growing up in Northern Iran in a family who follows a minority religion known as the Bahai religion. Katrin’s seventeen-year-old sister, Nassrin, commits suicide when Katrin’s father disapproves of Nassrin’s relationship with Hossein, who came from a Moslem family. As the family works through their grief, Iran’s political situation destabilizes when various political factions such as pro-democracy students and Islamic fundamentalists vie to overthrow the government through a violent revolution. The bloody revolution is followed by a full-scale war with Iraq, as Iran’s government cracks down on the civil rights of its citizens and openly discriminates against Bahais. Katrin, who sees no future for herself in Iran, decides to leave for the United States, but she has to brave a trip through the desert of Eastern Iran into Pakistan with the aid of human and drug traffickers.”

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