Hezbollah missiles strike Haifa and Akka

For a while now Haifa has enjoyed the nick-name “City of Peace” because the people of the city, Arabs and Jews, co-exist side by side in relative unity.

Over the last few days the conflict in the Middle East has escalated and missiles have been landing in Haifa, killing many people there.

The Sanfrancisco Chronicle is reporting that “Hezbollah rocket attacks have targeted both Jewish and Arab towns throughout northern Israel, including Acre”… “One rocket hit the holy gardens of the Bahai Temple. There were no casualties.”

They also report that “the harmonious relations between Haifa’s Jewish and Arab citizens appear to remain intact.”

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, Haifa’s Arabs, Jews appear united

[Note: Post-conflict the Universal House of Justice, the international governing body of the Baha’is (based in Haifa), have confirmed that all the Holy Places and Baha’i workers in Israel have remained safe]

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  1. Some of this article has been reproduced in more widely known pubications such as the Daily Express in the UK. While it is claimed that Baha’i gardens have been hit Newsweek and BBC News are also reporting that a 150 strong group of Baha’is are observing their pilgrimage in the city.

    There are many Baha’i sites in the area, the most famous gardens are the landscaped terraces surrounding the Shrine of the Bab but there are also large gardens on the outskirts of Akka around the Shrine of Baha’u’llah and several smaller gardens in and around Haifa.

    Of course, the main concern will always be for the Shrines themselves and the lives of all those caught up in this conflict.

  2. Hi James!
    I don’t know if you remember me but we met in Edirne during the youth conference. I am one of the Felahoglu sisters. Anyway, I found out about your page while I was searching about smth through google. It is really sad to watch the news and hear that Bahai gardens also hit but also so amazing that there are no damages at all.Have you realised with this war how many news have been written about the Faith. It is just so amazing, I can’t stop asking myself “Is God on duty to teach the Faith through this middle east war?”. Well He obviously knows what He is doing or let human kind do. I serve in Haifa and Akko not long ago and I still have lots of friends in BWC updating me with news. Everyone is ok and obeying the rules of House. I don’t know if you ever had chance to read one of the pilgrim notes in the last pilgrimage group. Just amazing how special their pilgrimage was.If you haven’t read,let me know I will email you.

  3. God is love. God seeketh fellowship, purity, sanctity and long-suffering; these are the attributes of Divinity. Therefore, these warring, raging nations have arisen against Divinity, imagining they are serving God. What gross ignorance is this! ~‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace p. 290

    God has created all, and all return to God. Therefore, love humanity with all your heart and soul. If you meet a poor man, assist him; if you see the sick, heal him; reassure the affrighted one, render the cowardly noble and courageous, educate the ignorant, associate with the stranger. Emulate God. ~‘Abdu’l-Bahá, PUP, p. 291

    All God’s prophets have brought the message of love. None has ever thought that war and hate are good. Every one agrees in saying that love and kindness are best. Love manifests its reality in deeds, not only in words -these alone are without effect. In order that love may manifest its power there must be an object, an instrument, a motive. ~‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks, p.35

  4. Say: Oh servants! Do not make the cause of order a cause for disorder, nor the means of unity a means for disunity. It is hoped that the people of Bahá will observe the sacred verse:
    “Say, all are created by God.” This lofty utterance is like unto water for quenching the fire of hate and hostility which is hidden and stored in men’s hearts and minds. This single utterance will cause the various sects and creeds to attain the light of true unity. Verily He speaketh truth and guideth to the right path; and He is the Mighty, the Glorious, the Omnipotent. (Bahá’u’lláh, Kitáb-i-’Ahd, BWF, p. 210)

  5. In reply to Rovsen… firstly, I do remember you, that was a wonderful trip for me and I remember talking with you when a large crowd of us went out to a pool-side cafe one night. I think I have read the notes you are referring to, titled “A 21st Century Pilgrim”?

    I am inspired by your observations and find it amazing that as the world watches a horrible and complex conflict unfold before our eyes, killing over a thousand people and destroying the lives of countless more, the most prominent symbol of The Baha’i Faith and the peaceful promise that it holds for the future of this civilization is frequently being seen and mentioned by journalists, and occasionally other onlookers, all around the world. Many news reports even briefly mention the tranquility that still surrounds the Shrine of the Bab in the midst of the turmoil in Haifa.

    Hello world! If you want to know where to turn for some answers in establishing a lasting peace in these troublesome times, it is lit up and radiating before your very eyes!

  6. Dear friends,
    With a great consern for all our friends in Haifa and people, i read your comments, which are informative regarding the situation at the Haifa gardens. My thoughts and prayers are with all ourfriends in their difficult moment. I do believe that the world is with open eyes and ears regarding the peaceful baha’i community. may peace hover over Haifa and Israel.

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