My family and physical assault

Over the last ten days I have been blessed with two family visits, one from my two aunts and another from my Dad, I have also stood as witness in a magisrates court against the man who was arrested for assaulting me in Peterlee back in February.

The visit from my aunts was a short, pleasant and unexpected surprise, they came up for an afternoon, spent some time with Ladan and I and took me for a very delicious meal at the Cafe Royal in Newcastle. My father’s visit was timed to coincide with the court case in Peterlee. Something that these visits reminds me of, for which I consider Ladan and I to be very lucky, is that my whole family and some of Ladan’s are very supportive of my own continuing love and support for Ladan.

Our trip to Peterlee was an interesting experience, it was my first time inside a court and the actual process of giving evidence and being cross-examined was significantly less intimidating than I had imagined, I was surprised to find that when the solicitor for the defence put a question to me I was allowed to give a full and elaborate answer which would have been more useful for the prosecution than the defence, rather than the “yes or no answer, please Mr Herbert” that you often see on television and which could have given a stronger impression of holes in the case. The main argument against the prosecution was that I could not be certain who had assaulted me as he had hit me from behind and broken my glasses so that my vision after the assault was impaired. Because the attacker had been both unpredictable and threatening on the night and because he seemed to have several friends and/or family members there I did not want to hang around to the end of the case to see what the results were, due to computer problems the witness service have been unable to tell me what happened yet, I should know by early next week.

Here, for anybody who doesn’t know what I am talking about but is interested, is the report of the incident that I wrote previously in my main blog…

“I had just got myself some cheap comfort food in the form of a chicken burger and chips and was walking back when a youth started walking the same way, I didn’t think much of it at the time, in fact he had some features in common with a friend of mine which reassured me that I shouldn’t think of him as being dodgy. Anyway, as we got out of the centre of the town I was initially about 20 metres ahead of him a a less well-lit area with nobody else around and I noticed his shadow rapidly getting closer, then he hit me in the side of the head knocking me into the road, he ran off into some trees opposite the road. I got up and picked up what I could find of my broken glasses and shouted after the guy asking why he had done it, he didn’t reply. As I continued along the path he came out from the trees so I stepped in to a driveway and knocked on a door, he went back into the trees and shouted something like “don’t call the police”, a couple of ladies then came along and asked what was going on, they walked with me down to the entrance to the hospital car park, at that point the youth came out again running after me and I ran into the hospital – this is a hospital next to the rehab centre Ladan is in – there was some bleeding around my eye and so I asked them to take a look at it, the security guard described somebody acting suspiciously outside the entrance and called the police with my consent, the police came and took the guy away for questioning, I spent much of the rest of the night giving statements and getting my eye checked in the A&E department of another hospital as the one in Peterlee was too small, it is okay mind, my glasses damaged the surface layers of my eye so I needed to take some antibiotics for a while, and I still have some scarring and tenderness around that eye.”

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  1. I have today received a call saying that the man was found guilty by the Magitrates Court and ordered to pay 300 pounds compensation plus costs.

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