Ok blood results…but

The last couple of days something hasn’t seemed quite right with Ladan and then last night she required a lot of chest care, the nurses decided that she may have a chest infection and the doctors have come out to see her and they have agreed that she should have a course of anti-biotics.

While the doctor was here I asked if there were any results from the recent blood tests, there are two markers that are most important to watch for Ladan, one was perfect and the other was considered fairly normal, so that was good news.

For complicated reasons, and not complications with Ladan, the anti-biotic that was prescribed for Ladan was changed twice so the final prescription was written at about 10pm, I drove up to a Boots night dispensary to get the medicine a short while ago and Ladan has had her first dose.

We had a nice surprise earlier when Chris and Zhamak Lee came to visit. Ladan was probably a bit more out of it than usual with her infection but Zhamak is very good at talking to Ladan, many people find it difficult to know what to say and to say it just as you would in normal conversation, I know Zhamak doesn’t find it that easy either bt she does it very well. I would still like to encourage people to send Ladan messages, she does become visibly interested when hearing them, especially when I get to pick the moment they are played.

Link: Send yourself to Ladan

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