Initial dose of Zolpidem

At 9:45 this morning Ladan had her first dose of Zolpidem (see last blog entry), it was a 5mg dose and the recommended dose for this use is 10mg, it is now just over an hour since that dose was given and there is no obvious effect from the drug.
The prescription written for Ladan says 5mg a day on it so now I will ask to get that changed so we can try the proper dose. The drug does not seem to have had a particularly sedative effect on Ladan either, which is its intended use in patients without impaired consciousness or brain injury.

3 thoughts on “Initial dose of Zolpidem”

  1. To confirm, Ladan did not show any unique signs of wakefulness as a result of this mornings dose. She did get a little jumpy and had a lot of rapid eye movement for ten minutes about 25 minutes after administration, and was otherwise settled with her eyes closed for about 90 minutes, Ladan was then settled with eyes wide open for about 3 and a half hours. These appearances might result from the medication, but they are not uncommon without medication.

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