Another hospital stay

From 17th – 24th December Ladan was in hospital again. To clarify, Ladan is usually in a nursing home with 24 hour cover by nurses qualified to a critical care level, general practitioners are on-call and usually visit within a few hours if a call is important. On this occasion, as on October 17th, Ladan was too unwell to be cared for in the nursing home and was admitted to hospital. The primary problem was again thought to be an asthma attack, possibly aggravated by a chest infection, another potential causal factor was also identified on x-rays.

For this stay we remained on Ward 43 of the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, this ward is an extension of the admission ward and we only remained there due to a shortage of available beds on the main chest ward. The staff were friendly and Ladan was well looked after, she did not develop any of the skin problems that resulted from her last stay in the hospital. As usual, Ladan’s mother and myself made sure that one of us was with Ladan all day and all night.

Ladan’s condition was not quite as serious this time as it was on October 17th, though at times she seemed to be really struggling to breathe, which is of course very difficult to witness. On this occasion it also took a bit longer for her to show significant improvement, probably because Ladan was treated with regular oral medications rather than intravenous medications (which go directly into the blood stream). Nonetheless, she did improve and by the end of the stay we were just waiting a couple of days for a doctor to say it was okay to go. Officially Ladan has to be transported by paramedic ambulance and all ambulances were refusing to do non-emergency transport for patients on Christmas Eve, so it was only through the kind efforts of the staff on the ward that we were able to get back to the nursing home, it would probably heave been a few more days otherwise.

Ladan wasn’t particularly settled when we left hospital, she was still wheezing quite a bit, but as soon as she was back in her own room and had enjoyed a proper shower she was looking and sounding much better, and right now she is seeming back to normal again.

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