If, rather than landing here from a search engine in the year 2021, you have been following my blog, you will be aware that my recent posts have been part of a Bahá’í Blogging Challenge.

Now that we’re 12 days in, I thought I would give a glimpse of what some of the other blogs in the challenge are up to.

It was Doberman Pizza‘s Dan Jones who invited me to take part in this challenge, he has penned some long and thoughtful blog entries on a variety of topics, if it was a real pizza it would be stacked with generous portions of every topping. Today he has looked at the stage which humanity is passing through.

I have been particularly keen on some of the historical finds shared on A Calm Storm, for example, which two  Bahá’ís signed the visitors’ book at the US Bahá’í House of Worship on January 11th 1943?

And never have I been so impressed with Google translate as when reading Ciudad y Diversidad, with photographs and recollections from the Holy Land published in Spanish. Reading on my mobile phone I am offered hassle-free instant translation and it is hard to believe the blog was not written in English. As somebody who has been there, stories that take me back to that place are always elevating to read.

@CandaceMHill shared this postcard on Twitter as part of her #bahablogging

On One Baha’i, Mead Simon has been outlining the Ruhi study circle books, which might be interesting if you haven’t done them and is a good reminder for those of us who have.

There was a great post on “A Stronger Thought of Peace” today about what makes for good Reflection Gatherings.

When a blog post starts with the words “I spent this last weekend at Blood and Glory…”, I suspect very few of us know what is being referred to. but – over at Big Geordie Geek – Michael Botterill is blogging about his interests in gaming, science, food and the Faith, often in the same posts, and he’s tackling some interesting questions about things we might take for granted.

There are also some people taking part who are sharing poetry, postcards, Instagram photos, and long Facebook notes. There is a wealth of interesting content being produced, I can’t describe it all here, so I will just list every participant instead:

A Calm Storm, A Stronger Thought of PeaceAbiding Blog, AnorldZW, Art-Brain-Philosophy Project, Baha’i Unity BlogBig Geordie Geek, @CandaceMHillCiudad y Diversidad, Coming to be MeCora Hays – IllustratorCreating Reciprocity, Doberman pizza!Kull-i-Shay’ Poetry, @leyla13mahabadiNiki Daniels, One Baha’iSteven Kolins, The Verse Life, This Stranger Hastening, Unrestrained WritersDream9 & Yazie  


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