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@RichardRohrOFM @BabaRamDass and include something from the @Bahai_Teachings (also, I desperately want to take this course!!)…

@marcusmescher @RichardRohrOFM @BabaRamDass and include something from the @Bahai_Teachings (also, I desperately want to take this course!!)

... but a prerequisite to undertaking the stupendous enterprise of building a peaceful world. That such an enterprise is possible, that the necessary constructive forces do exist, that unifying social structures can be erected, is the theme we urge you to examine." #UHJ #Bahai

How to Assail the Long-Standing Evils of Racial Prejudice… #Bahai via @Bahai_Teachings

Here's the registration link for the ONLINE course about the Badi Calendar, begins 2/20 #Bahai

An Online Course to study "One Common Faith" an #Interfaith template for effective cooperation and progress #Bahai starts Feb. 27, 2020 via @YouTube

My best advice: check out for answers. For global historical perspective I recommend These are extreme times, and require radical solutions. Now. And the future is just a fantasy. We live in the now.…

I probably shouldn't find this as funny as I do, but I can just imagine HT's reaction to being thrown in with a lotta sectarian extremists (Khawarij/Takfiri) and outright breakaway religions (Bahai/Qadiani). Also funny to see Yuldashev condemning takfiris/khawarij

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