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The latest mentions of Bahá’í on Twitter…

@ThomasJeromeNew Half time at the toma, other half at luxury high rise dvlpt. Extra time at bahai temple. Work at fashy universities, buy bread in huasa neigborhood, visit in laws in tic tacs all the same house dvlpmbts

Firuz was a doctor who worked at the Health Ministry until he was fired for being #Bahai after the revolution. He was known as a people person who treated indigent patients free of charge. #40years #LawAgainstJustice

Sometimes life brings us sorrow, and that sadness can feel paralyzing. How do we heal and move forward?…

As a lot of students are heading #BackToSchool, take 2 mins to learn about how the #Bahai community in #Iran is systematically barred from education because of their faith. #educationisnotacrime

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