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Summer Reaches Newcastle

As the temperature crept close to 20 dregrees centigrade a few weeks ago most northerners could be found taking in the sun in their T-shirts and complaining that it was too hot for work. Coming from the south-east corner of England I was still wearing my (almost trademark) pullover and jacket as the temperature hit the early twenties and the sun shone on these well-watered lands.

Shortly thereafter the residents of Newcastle upon Tyne were found lacking in vocabulary to describe true warm weather, reaching as high as 28 degrees centigrade, feeling especially hot when, for a few days, the breeze from the north sea seemed to die down. I duly removed my jacket and declared that even I found the weather to be summer-like.

Alas those two warm weeks are now ended and the rain has returned. Still, it was enough for me to stop missing the sun for a while. When you watch the weather forecasts and see the “maximum temperature” in the shade, you don’t appreciate that in addition to the north being several degrees cooler all the time it is also the case that in the south-east the shade keeps you from feeling the full warmth of the sun and so it feels hotter than the forecasted temperature when you are out, whereas in Newcastle the shade often shelters you from the winds coming in off the north sea’s shore, and it can feel cooler than the forecasted temperature when you are out of the shade.

So, it seems that these tough-as-titanium northerners have had their one true weakness revealed, they cannot stand the heat. But try coming up to Newcastle in the winter and dressing down like they do in the city, virtually naked in the cold and the rain, no south-easterner could possibly survive it. So, if global warming eventually triggers another ice-age then it will be the northerners who will survive most easily.

Pilgrimage for the elderly

Israel 2005 with Cadogan 392
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Very few people know that there is a second Shrine of the Bab for those who cannot handle nine or nineteen terraces, pictured here is the alternative structure with just two…. no, okay, I’m kidding, this is one of those “mini Israel” photos where they have made a model of the Shrine of the Bab, and they clearly couldn’t craft nineteen beautiful terraces quite like the Baha’is have in Haifa.

Ladan and I would have been on pilgrimage right now had Ladan made a significant recovery, 19th June was the date I had been looking forward to with my fingers crossed for a long time.


Picture 041
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A few days ago I commented on this photo of driving on the M6 by Manijeh Afnan-Murray that there must be something wrong with the suspension on their car, well, it was only a joke but our own car – obviously being indirectly related to any car that Manijeh drives (Ladan, who bought it, is a cousin of Manijeh’s) – has got all sulky and started playing up just a few months after a service. It often sounds like the exhaust has come loose, Ladan’s car loving uncle thinks our suspension has gone, though it feels fine to me and photos are quite steady from it, and the acceleration isn’t always what it used to be. Unfortunately I’m not sure I can even afford to buy the car flowers to make it feel better at the moment, I’ll have to keep up the charm offensive and hope it stops playing up in such a sulky fashion. In future I’ll be sure to get our car’s approval before making any comments about other vehicles it may feel a connection with.

Jimbo the Grey

I generally cut my own hair with clippers, and see a pile of my own hair build up before me in the process. Usually this is brown hair but somewhere between February and April a large bulk of it turned grey.

I was inclined to think it was down to the intense stress that the early part of this year has given me but it seems scientists generally disagree with the idea that stress causes grey hair, its an aging thing and presumably a coincidence when an increased onset coincides with a period of heavy stress, but there are still some who ask questions over the possibility that the underlying chemical processes of aging may also be triggered by stress.

Re: Can stress really cause (contribute to) whitening of the hair?: “stress “can probably contribute” to hair whitening in some genetically predisposed individuals”

Humour: Baha’i Car Stickers

The following list was first published on the old UK Baha’i youth website Phoenix Online:

Potential Car Stickers with a Baha’i theme.

  • Fast in March
  • Too far to travel? Bahá’ís work to make the world smaller!
  • I’d rather be in Haifa!
  • If you’re trying to meet your Maker there IS a better way!
  • Beam me up Unknowable Essence!
  • Fed up of this highway? Try the Bahá’í way!
  • Restricted Vision? Read World Order of Bahá’u’lláh.
  • There’s an old sticker under this one. It quotes the Hidden Words.
  • Dizzy Lives!
  • I don’t have another car, my other journey’s a spiritual one!
  • Enjoy stops on your journey? Join The Bahá’í Faith for services in this world and the next.
  • Báb’í on Board!

Star Wars funnies

Coming back from Peterlee late at night I often slump in front of the tv wanting to unwind with something funny or light-hearted. Dissapointed with the choice I recently turned to the internet and found a couple of short films made by Star Wars fans which are quite well made and entertaining if you are familiar with the six Star Wars movies.

Sith Apprentice – This merges Star Wars with the American version of The Apprentice, the show where Donald Trump offers a well paid job to one succesful applicant after a series of tests, the main difference between the US and UK versions of The Apprentice is that the US version ends with live a show in a large theatre where the final decision is made.

Pink Five Strikes Back – This follows the journey of a girl who was a fighter pilot in Episode IV “A New Hope” in the battle against the Death Star, during that battle she chatted to Han Solo and now calls him her boyfriend. Having failed to listen properly in the pilots briefing she doesn’t know where to go and follows “new boy” Luke Skywalker to a strange planet where she meets Yoda. Her story fits nicely, if occasionally a little too obviously, around the real Episode V “The Empire Strikes Back”.