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This is the personal web space of James Herbert. Most of the content exists within my blog. That is why you may have been redirected here, links toward the content are below…


Personal Content

My main blog page
You may also filter just Baha’i related content or computing related content.

Personal Photographs
Infrequently updated

The Wedding
Details and photos of my marriage to Ladan back in April 2004


Baha’i related content

Bahá’í Faith – Basic Facts
An introduction to the Bahá’í Faith.

My Baha’i-Related Blog
I linked to it already, but it belongs here also.

Baha’i-Related News
A scripted page that pulls in news from other sources

Baha’i-Related Tweets
A page displaying recent tweets mentioning Baha’i.

The Bahá’í Art Gallery
Art, music and poetry related to or inspired by the Bahá’í Faith. No longer updated.


External Links


Live Radio


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