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Manoocher Visits

Manoocher and James at Bolam Lake
With the Newcastle summer subsiding Manoocher hopped in his car and drove up to enjoy the surrounding countryside with me in the rain. Above is a picture of us enjoying the rain at Bolam Lake in Northumberland, below is a picture of Manoocher enjoying the rain at the Penshaw monument near Sunderland.

The Penshaw Monument was built in 1844 anddesigned by John and Benjamin Green, that’s all I know about it and I found that out from the BBC local website, there was no information about it at the actual site.More photos of our two small excursions can be found here.

Bodiam Castle

Today Manoocher Samii came to visit for the afternoon, the sun managed to start shining through the clouds so we headed out to find a nice place for a walk… I got a bit lost driving through Tunbridge Wells and found myself miles from where I had intended to be, so we ended up visiting Bodiam Castle.

Built in 1385, most of the interior of the castle has been destroyed but the exterior shell is still largely in tact and enough remains of the rooms and spiral staircases to make it a fun and throught provoking visit. Today it was quite quiet and thus very peaceful. Although Bodiam was built as a defensive castle it was also used as a home and is beautifully surrounded by not only a complete moat but also many hills. It was a slightly rushed but certainly pleasant use of thirty minutes.

Clicking on the photo above will lead you to more photos taken on our visit to the castle, or for more information you can visit the castle’s page on the National Trust’s website.