1992 Bahá’í World Congress

Exactly 25 years ago today, 30,000 Bahá’ís gathered in New York City for a four-day congress “to celebrate the centenary of the inauguration of the Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh and to proclaim its aims and unifying power.” I had a lesson in selflessness at this event which many of my friends have heard me relate at least once. Continue reading 1992 Bahá’í World Congress

Badí’ Months, Days and Years

This post follows on from three earlier ones on the subject of the Badí’ calendar:

  1. Introducing a Unique Calendar – Introducing the calendar and its uniquely religious origins.
  2. Counting the Days – Exploring how we come to have the Gregorian calendar we use today and how the Badí’ calendar fixes some long-standing problems.
  3. Naw-Rúz – Touching on the historical, physical and spiritual significance of the first day of the Bahá’í year.

In this post I will introduce the structure of the calendar. Continue reading Badí’ Months, Days and Years


In a previous post I looked at how the Badí’ calendar is actually the first religious calendar system, and in a more recent post I looked at the development of the Gregorian calendar and how the Badí’ calendar fixes a couple of long-standing problems with it. In both posts I promised that more information on the calendar would follow, and today I will get as far as day one. Continue reading Naw-Rúz

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