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Ladan & I on the morning of our wedding, April 10th 2004

Ladan is now in the High Dependency Unit at the Newcastle General Hospital showing some signs of response through her eyes and left hand but is not yet conscious. Her condition is still very serious but the doctors are becoming more optimistic in their tone about the possibility of Ladan making some kind of recovery.

About 6 weeks ago Ladan started having severe stomach pains accompanied by typical signs of upset stomach, she did not keep her food down for several weeks and we traveled up to Newcastle for a break thinking it may be stress related, after a few more days of no improvement she was admitted to hospital where she was kept under watch when one week later (two weeks ago today) she had sudden severe head pain in the morning accompanied by numbness in her face and arms, slurred speech and blurred vision. Doctors assured us that this was a very bad migraine headache until the afternoon when they started becoming concerned it may be something more and set up an MRI scan for her. She spent an hour in the MRI room with more doctors and big books entering the room as we waited, finally she came out and smiled very sweetly as I shared a joke with her and she told me the headphones hadn’t been working in the scan room, then, luckily before the consultants eyes, she fell unconcsious. Having seen the scans they were already aware that this cold be a severe bleed and they treated it as such, following surgery later that night we were informed that she was still alive but only just and the best case scenario was that she would live with severe brain damage for the rest of her life. From that time to now she has been unconscious, initially in intensive care and now in the high dependency unit, she has also developed a chest infection and some bowel problems which it has been suggested may also be life-threatening but there is no clear diagnosis on that yet.

Science can keep people alive and Ladan has regained most of her breathing control for herself and is increasingly stable, the initial cause of the bleeding has been diagnosed as churg-strauss disease and can be kept under control with steroids, she will probably feel much better than she has done for a while if or when (as I believe) she makes a full recovery. Beyond supporting life functions and providing medicines the rest of the healing process is left to the human body itself. If there is damage to the brain it may heal as she is young, the extent of any damage will only become obvious if/when she regains consciousness.

I am a great believer in prayer, I have used it many times in my life and am embarrassed at how trivial some of my uses have been, but I know it works. Any prayers that are said for Ladan are most warmly appreciated, I feel moved and strengthened by the extent of support being offered to Ladan from people of all religions from all over the world, as well as the use of some alternative healing techniques that send possitive energy in her direction. Ladan has been fighting a tough battle and is surviving, all the strength you can offer her through prayers is a bonus I truly appreciate and thank you for.

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