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It is a turbulent time for myself and the rest of Ladan’s family. Ladan is currently having periods of very high temperature (39-42 degrees), extremes of blood pressure (systollic rates of up to 230 and down to 70) and high heart rates (up to 190) and sometimes these conditions are existing for long periods of time, such as 4 or 5 hours, with a long period of still high temperature and low blood pressure either side. These periods are often accompanied or preceded by shaking or extreme muscle tension. Ladan is currently in the High Dependency Unit but she has been on a ward for a week and also paid another visit to Intensive Care for just under 24 hours since my last blog update.

Just before this all started happening Ladan was seeming much more responsive and alert. Coming out of a coma is said to be a gradual process more often than a sudden moment and Ladan’s moments of apparent consciousness has her seeming much more present. I am hoping that the last few days, the cause for which is unknown, will pass and allow Ladan to carry on this encouraging recovery.

Tomorrow Ladan is due to have an MRI scan to assess the current state of damage to her brain. This may give some clues as to what has been happening and how good her chances for recovery are looking on paper.

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  1. I and a Baha’i who just by chance came across your blog. I’m sure that many, many people are already saying prayers for you but please know that my prayers are with you, too. Los Angeles, CA.

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