A little more stable

Following my Ladan Update two nights ago things have become a little more stable again, her eyes aren’t quite back to normal but they are getting there. Current thinking among the doctors is now that infection is not responsible but rather a large number of red blood cells loose inside Ladan’s head as a result of the three recent operations are causing some irritation to the brain stem and/or other areas or nerves in the brain, they expect this to settle by itself.

Yesterday I had a surprise visit from a hospital chaplain, when your wife has been somewhat less well over the last couple of days and a chaplain appears saying that he has been asked to come and visit your wife it initially rings a few alarm bells, but he explained that he was not the regular chaplain for the General Hospital and that as he was covering from another hospital he had a list of patients to visit and Ladan was on that list because, he checked and confirmed, somebody had gone into the chapel and filled out a prayer request card for Ladan. We had a nice chat about prayer and healing and some of the interesting experiences he had had with patients he had been asked to pray for. The chaplain’s son lives in Chicago and he had himself visited the Baha’i House of Worship there so he had heard of the Baha’i Faith before. The chaplain offered a prayer by Ladan’s side for her recovery and for the doctor’s who were looking after her.

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