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I often feel I would like to write more about Ladan here and some people encourage me to keep the blog more up to date, but in reality it is hard to keep a blog that reflects a balanced picture of how Ladan is doing if I update it with news about her daily.

Being by Ladan’s side every day is a rough ride, an emotional roller coaster, that has many more lows than highs but most of the lows are short lived worries and frustrations while, overall, Ladan very slowly continues to progress in the direction of recovery. I know that many people who care about Ladan check this blog regularly and their prayers and thoughts for Ladan are very much appreciated, I would not want to send the emotions of some of my blog readers onto the same roller-coaster that my emotions have to endure, that is a test for me and other members of Ladan’s family to face, just as the strength to engage with these circumstances and hold strong our hope and faith under these conditions is a blessing with which we have been endowed and one which is strengthened from many sources and I could not sufficiently relate the possitive attitude with which the rougher side of the ride becomes balanced such that concerned readers would also maintain such enthusiastic support for Ladan.

By taking a longer term approach I can assess which positive aspects are real enough to report and what other developments are of serious concern and should be mentioned.

I do however take on board that a few more updates would be appreciated.

Two infections have now been found which doctors feel may have been contributing to Ladan being a bit more poorly recently, I expect that even having two different antibiotics at t he same time will also zap Ladan quite a bit this coming week. As you can tell messages change daily, just a couple of days ago they were thinking that there probably wasn’t an infection after all, such complicated issues in diagnosis are unfortunately common for somebody in Ladan’s condition.

We have also received a letter of reply concerning the events of Christmas when Ladan suffered a serious seizure since which she has been unable to communicate with us, the letter implies that the failures to provide essential care to Ladan that night were not down to a plan gone wrong but rather a complete failure on the part of the staff on duty that night to communicate essential information to each other on several occasions. The reply does not really provide a complete explanation as to what happened and who was responsible but rather leaves open many further questions which I hope to clarify in another letter to the NHS Trust shortly.

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