General Hospital

Ladan has been a patient at the Newcastle General Hospital again since Monday, the plan is that she will move to the Minories in Jesmond (Newcastle) on Tuesday 2nd May.

Ladan had an MRI scan which showed no sign of new bleeds or other deterioration. In an examination Ladan’s consultant observed that Ladan knew he was there and was aware he was doing things to her, though he found no evidence of Ladan trying to interact with him.

The hospital were ready to discharge Ladan on Thursday but they agreed to let Ladan stay a little longer as the care home that Ladan is moving to was not quite ready for her.

The staff at the General have been very friendly and welcoming, it has been a pleasure to be back there for a short while. Many of the staff are very impressed with how well Ladan has been looked after in the eight months she was away and how healthy she looks in an overall sense.

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