Jimbo the Grey

I generally cut my own hair with clippers, and see a pile of my own hair build up before me in the process. Usually this is brown hair but somewhere between February and April a large bulk of it turned grey.

I was inclined to think it was down to the intense stress that the early part of this year has given me but it seems scientists generally disagree with the idea that stress causes grey hair, its an aging thing and presumably a coincidence when an increased onset coincides with a period of heavy stress, but there are still some who ask questions over the possibility that the underlying chemical processes of aging may also be triggered by stress.

Re: Can stress really cause (contribute to) whitening of the hair?: “stress “can probably contribute” to hair whitening in some genetically predisposed individuals”

2 thoughts on “Jimbo the Grey”

  1. Some of my hair turned white when Dre was born – quite a stressful time with Carmel having a large bleed etc. It was a sudden occurence and hasn’t really multiplied since. Make of that what you will…
    Thanks for the link!

  2. I found my first grey hair in my nostril whilst grooming one day when I was 24 … yes, contrary to poular beliefe us Persian cats groom sometimes.

    I never had grey hairs on my head until the MBA started and now I have quite a few and unlike Ashley, mine are starting to appear in my beared – Ashley has no grey beared hairs as his body is somewhat confused about his age and he still does not need to shave! Erm, except for his back that is!!! 😉 Love ya!

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