11 year old Maximillian’s Baha’i Faith Intro

Link: BBC News Video: The Birmingham Baha’i Community

“Eleven-year-old Maximillian Afnan is a member of the Birmingham Bahai community. He gives us an insight into this relatively unknown religion.”

This is a nicely made introduction to the Baha’i Faith presented by Maximillian Afnan which is available from the BBC News website, it lasts just 1 minute and forty seconds, particularly pleasing are the camera angles from an eleven year old’s perspective.

Most UK viewers should be able to watch this clip in high quality, viewers outside the UK might not be able to watch it.

2 thoughts on “11 year old Maximillian’s Baha’i Faith Intro”

  1. hello i am a student and i wanted to know since the calendar starts on march 21st does that mean it is a different year than it is for christians? thanks and i am 11 years old as well! goodbye

  2. Hello. Yes, the year is different on the Baha’i calendar but that is not only because it starts on a different day but also because it starts from a different year. The Christian calendar counts the number of years since the birth of Jesus, the Baha’i calendar counts the number of years of the “Baha’i Era” which started in 1844. As 1844 was the first year of the Baha’i Era we are now in the 163rd year, so Baha’is write the Baha’i year as being 163BE, this will change to 164BE on 21st March 2007.

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