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If you have a computer with a DVD drive but no DVD software you may spend ages searching the web for some free DVD codecs without joy, they all cost money, but there is now a free DVD player that does not rely on third party codecs, that is VLC Media Player. I have been trying to set up the Sonic Cineplayer DVD codec pack on a friends computer for the last few days because I have seen that working very well, but even though the product is registered we can’t get it to work because their activation servers are not responding and their backup email solution is rejecting emails, so I downloaded VLC Media Player and gave it a spin, it’s not quite as user friendly as using Media Player with codecs and I found it a little jumpy, but that is on a 400MHZ PC with a lowly 4MB graphics card, I was impressed that it worked as well as it did, so, to clarify, if you want to be able to watch DVD’s on your computer for free and you have a DVD drive attached then VLC Media Player is your solution.

Link: VLC Media Player

5 thoughts on “Free DVD player software”

  1. Super DVD decoder… Many Thanks

    quick to download
    easy to install
    works like a charm
    on a CenDyne 4X DVD+

    VLC Media Player is the best

  2. I mentioned that I installed it for a friend who has an old PC, well, she is often saying how good it is, so VLC is a real winner there.

  3. Being the aforementioned friend of James I can confirm it works well with a little jumping but maybe that is because I’m using some charity shop DVD’s! Thanks James for your expertise. Much appreciated.

  4. What a great dvd player and so many features as well! It’s compact in size and does just what it says! Last time i had this feeling was a cute little mp3 converter software called CDex.

    Thanks for VLC!

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