Jamaicans celebrate 4th National Baha’i Day

Source: BWNS – Jamaicans celebrate 4th National Baha’i Day

On 25th July 2003, to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the first Local Spiritual Assembly in Jamaica, the Governor General of the island proclaimed that day to be “Baha’i Day” for the whole country. The following year Jamaica’s Baha’is disccovered that once such a proclamation has been made it becomes a permanent feature of the island and therefore they have started holding celebrations on 25th July each year to which Baha’is, leaders of other religions and an extended array of guests are invited.

This year the Baha’i Day events included a Baha’i Day Breakfast sponsored by the National Spiritual Assembly. It was attended by representatives of the various religions from the Interfaith Council, including Moslems, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus, as well as the Mayor of Kingston and the media.

Celebrations were also held in the Kingston, Montego Bay and Port Antonio communities. Port Antonio held a 4 day exhibition at the public library on the history of the Faith in Jamaica.

The highlight of the national observance was the speech by the Mayor…

“The city of Kingston welcomes the Baha’is with open arms because we share your zest for unity and peace.” said Mr. McKenzie.

[Photo: BWNS: The Mayor with interfaith particants at the Baha’i Day Breakfast.]

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  1. This story may not hold particular relevance outside Jamaica, especially as it is already over two weeks old, but it reminds me of my excitement when the mayor of New York announced on November 26th 1992 that from that day forward the date would be known, in New York, as Baha’i World Congress Day… and my subsequent disappointment to realise that only 26th November 1992 – not 26th November every year – was going to be known by that name.

    It must have been exciting for the Baha’is in Jamiaca to realise that their Baha’i Day was going to be recognised nationally every year.

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