Bright Eyes

Ladan is still stable and has often been looking very “bright” lately. “Bright” is a term frequently used to describe how healthy and awake a person looks. If you think about the difference you see in somebody’s eyes when they are wakeful and alert (bright eyed) as opposed to when they are tired and sleepy,Ladan Herbert, bright eyed. this is the look that is described as bright and it always seems encouraging to see it. Several people have commented that Ladan is looking good and seems to be using her eyes more at the moment, often apparently following things in the room. A few people who had not seen ladan or a while, medical staff and family/friends, have also commented they they perceive an encouraging improvement during their absence.

Ladan’s chemotherapy dosage (for her vasculitis) was halved recently and if everything goes well for another couple of weeks then they will try to stop the chemotherapy medication completely. It has taken a while for the process of reducing Ladan’s medication to get under way, she may be on a fair amount more medication than she really needs to be but the plan must be to reduce everything gradually and one medication at a time, both to ensure that problems are unlikely to arise and that if a problem did arise it would be known which change might have caused it.

3 thoughts on “Bright Eyes”

  1. Hi,

    I stumbled across your blog accidentally, or maybe it was meant to be. I don’t know you but I read your story and my heart is so touched by what you and Ladan are going through. I think it is really brave of you to be so full of hope and love for Ladan, and I am sure she feels it.

    I am praying for Ladan and for your continued strenght.

  2. Bright-eyed and Beautiful! She doesn’t look ill at all. I wish her good health and happiness.

  3. Thank you. Actually the picture is from 2004, before she had any problems, but I felt it to be representative of the “Bright Eyes” theme. I don’t like to share pictures of Ladan while she is not conscious enough to know how I am using them, but aside from a facial twitch you would not know there was anything wrong to look at her today. When she is very relaxed and there is no obvious twitching Ladan can look so healthy that it is hard to believe there is anything wrong with her, and a few of the staff here ask if there is a secret cream that we use on her face to make her skin so soft.

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