Surveillance of Iranian Baha’is Increased

Source: BWNS – Iran steps up secret monitoring of Baha’is

Iran’s Ministry of Interior sent a letter (available here in Persian) on August 19th ordering officials throughout the country to step up their monitoring of all Baha’i community activities and even included a questionaire for provincial officials to give details of, among other things, the “financial status,” “social interactions,” and “association with foreign assemblies” of their local Baha’i communities.

This follows the publishing in August this year of a letter from the Iranian Armed Forces’ Command Headquarters to a number of governmental agencies, dated October 29th 2005, requesting a report of all Baha’i activities. There is widespread concern that these surveillance efforts are intended to precede a serious increase in the persecution of the long-suffering Baha’is in Iran.

The full story, including background, can be found here: BWNS – Iran steps up secret monitoring of Baha’is

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