Fingers crossed, I’m back again.

Somewhere at the end of December/start of January my laptop was balanced on Ladan’s bedside while I attended to something for her and one moment later it was on the floor and the screen had gone off. I tried to resuscitate it several times but it remains in a severely disabled state unsuitable for blogging.

Ladan’s kind and generous uncle Shahram said that I could have his old notebook computer and finally, as of a few days ago, I have it. It took a while to make it work well but… all staying good, I’m properly back in business.

I lost a lot of personal data including email and a huge mp3 collection, as well as some projects I had been working on, so if I haven’t replied to something for months then you will know why.

Among the lost data was some recorded material for a Baha’i podcast I was about to launch, I was excited about it having kept my Baha’i blog up to date for the best part of a year without fail, but, alas, the flaw of being a one man show hit me when my computer gave up.

Some of you may have noticed some Internet presence on my part, but it has been from numerous computers and I wanted a solid platform from which to get back into blogging. Now I have it, so, without further ado, I’m off to give a Ladan update on our main blog…

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