Ladan Update

Hello, it’s been a while. I’m sorry for the silence, I’ve been without a suitable computer to call my own for the first part of this year and not got myself back into the blogging habit. Still, Ladan’s uncle has handed me his old computer and I’m pleased to be back in blogger land.

How is Ladan?

Ladan is in a similar condition to the last time I wrote an update. There are some changes. In terms of awareness Ladan seems to have at least a low level of awareness for more of the time than he has done for most of the last couple of years, the moments of higher awareness where Ladan seems to be trying to communicate and can follow certain basic requests are still less frequent, say a couple of times a month, but those moments have also been encouraging.

Medically Ladan has remained quite stable. She has not been calm all the time, she has had a few things bothering her over the last five months but nothing too serious, so far at least.

Ladan was on a lot of medication for her Churg-Strauss vasculitis which caused this whole scenario, that medication has been relatively rapidly reduced to almost nothing. We will need another blood test to be sure that this has gone ok, hopefully that will take place very soon.

This last week, in particular, something has been bothering Ladan on and off, it may be an upset stomach or even a touch of hay fever, or it may be a symptom of medicine being withdrawn or it may be negatively related to vasculitis. There are no obvious symptoms other than Ladan’s episodes of distress several times a day. I’m usually able to calm her down when she is starting to show signs of distress, otherwise her distress tires her out after a short while and she goes to a deeper sleep again for a while.

I have to leave it there for a moment, I’ll hopefully update you again soon.

By the way, the talk to Ladan link doesn’t seem to work at the moment, in as much as the recordings aren’t reaching me, I’m looking into it.

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