Slovak government recognizes Baha’i Faith

Primary source: BWNS – Slovak government recognizes Baha’i Faith

13 May 2007 (BWNS) – The government of Slovakia has officially registered the Baha’i Faith as a religious community, guaranteeing the group the right to own property, observe holy days, disseminate literature and engage in a host of other activities.

Official recognition of a religious group in Slovakia requires 20,000 supporting signatures from residents of the country. The Baha’i community of Slovakia does not number anything like 20,000, so in February they took to the streets and asked the Slovak public to support their registration. In total they gained 28,000 supporting signatures.

Official recognition is not essential for religious groups to exist in Slovakia, but there are many things which do require it, including the right to become a legal corporation or for the Faith to be taught in schools.

Link: The full story on BWNS

3 thoughts on “Slovak government recognizes Baha’i Faith”

  1. why does bahai faith enter the politics but bahai faith doesn’t allow you to enter politics !!!

  2. In this instance the Baha’is are doing what the law requires of them in order to live their lives as they wish to. However, it is a slight misconception that Baha’is may not enter into politics, it is impossible not to be involved with politics at some level or other. What Baha’is are asked not to do is become involved in partisan politics, ie systems of politics based on division and conflict. For example, a Baha’i would not join the conservative party, the labour party or the liberal democrat party in the UK or the federalist party or republican party in the USA.

    Where politics is simply the discussion of political issues in order to find the best solution, rather than score points for your “party”, then Baha’is are as free as anybody else to get involved.

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