18th June 1983

Shirin Dalvand with Ladan

18th June marks the anniversary of the execution, for being followers of the Baha’i Faith, of ten women in Iran in 1983. Among the ten women was Ladan’s aunt, Shirin Dalvand, pictured above holding Ladan several years earlier in Shiraz.

Baha’is were persecuted and put to death in very large numbers, this is not the anniversary of a rare event. The occasion is noted for the fact that all the Baha’is executed on this occasion were women, many of them young, one of them only seventeen years old. Shirin herself was twenty-five at the time. Ladan had fond memories of her and Shirin displayed great affection toward her too. Shirin’s parents, her brother and two sisters, all live in Newcastle and the family remember Shirin, and the numerous other Baha’is who’s lives were taken because of their Faith, at this time.

18th June 1983
Persection of the Baha’i commun ity in Iran
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  1. This year the family didn’t actually have a get together and we all said our prayers separately. Last night, by Ladan’s side, I played three related songs, including one dedicated to Shirin herself, and said some relevant prayers. I pray with Ladan every night but there was a very special atmosphere to this particular devotional. I was left buzzing for hours.

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