Amy Sahba’s Marathon Fund Raising

Link: Team in Training

Amy Sahba is the sister-in-law of the best man at our wedding and moved to New York several years ago to work with CNN. She is in training to run a marathon in which she hopes to raise $1,800 toward research into blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphona and myeloma.

This is cause very close to my heart and even closer to Ladan’s, with both her and her father having suffered from leukemia in their lifetimes. I have made a small donation myself but have little to give at this time in my life, so I am encouraging others to please support Amy, with however little or much you feel comfortable offering, in her marathon endeavour.

Simply click here to read Amy’s donation page and to make your offer. Many thanks!

One thought on “Amy Sahba’s Marathon Fund Raising”

  1. Dear James – thank you! I’ve added Ladan’s name to the list of people I am running for. Also, if you want, please send me her father’s name.
    Thank you!

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