Ladan has gone into Hospital

These are two quick updates because I have access to the Internet for a moment, I am in hospital most of the day where Internet access is minimal, I will write fuller updates when things are more normal with Ladan, meanwhile some updates can be found on Facebook if you are a friend of mine on there.

On Wednesday 17th October, in the evening, Ladan started breathing quite rapidly. Though she seemed a little more settled in the early hours of the morning she became worse on Thursday morning and was sent to hospital. In hospital Ladan continued to worsen for the next 20 – 24 hours before starting to settle. Heavy anti-bitoics and steroids seem to have her nearly back on track. It is not clear what the cause of the problem was. Ladan is still rather more chesty than usual but other than that seems fairly stable and may be discharged from hospital, back to the nursing home tomorrow.

At much the same time that Ladan became unwell a very good friend had, according to an email I received the following morning from his wife, a very serious car accident. I was told that a vehicle overtook a lorry without realising that he was coming the other way, the driver at fault died, my friend rolled down a bank or hill and needed to be cut out by the fire brigade and was brought to life by the paramedics, they had thought that he would not live. He was taken to intensive care where at some point on Thursday his breathing and pulse improved and he is reported to be making an unexpectedly good recovery.

Prayers, possitive thoughts etc. would be much appreciated both for my friend and for Ladan.

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