A note about Ladan

The Minories, Google Street View

Aware that there has not been much written about Ladan here lately I thought I should just write a note to say that there is not much to write, everything is still much as it was this time last year, we are still in The Minories nursing home in Jesmond (“we” is the appropriate term as I am typically here with Ladan between 12-17 hours each day), the home is pictured above from Google Street View, with my car in the foreground. Ladan remains stable and there have been no recent hospital visits, there is no obvious improvement or deterioration of a very significant nature from a neurological perspective.

Hopefully things will change this year, in terms of where we are if nothing else, so God willing there will be something more to write about soon. Meanwhile we ty to make the most of what we have. Below is a picture of Ladan’s bed made to look like a sofa, something I often do to make the room look more homely when Ladan is up in a chair.

Feel free to ask questions if you want to know more detail about anything. Failing that, be assured I have not forgotten that this blog is checked, when there is news I hope to place it here.

As always, I remain grateful for the many prayers I know many of you say for Ladan on a regular basis, it means a lot to me that she is not being forgotten with the time that has passed.

Jamie on the bed/sofa

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