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There are three main Bahá’í-related items that might be sought from a jeweller, they are “Ringstone Symbol” rings (or pendants), prayer beads and possibly burial rings. I have recently been thinking of replacing my Ringstone Symbol ring, which I lost when it flew into the English Channel with an oyster that I threw back into the sea from Brighton Beach many years back. This prompted me to look at Bahá’í jewellers on-line and so, in addition to a little extra information about the three items I have just mentioned, the results of my search are below.


The Ringstone Symbol

Ringstone Symbol‘Abdu’l-Bahá designed this symbol for Bahá’ís who wished to wear something that reminded them of their beliefs. It was rendered by the calligrapher  Mishkín-Qalam. The centre calligraphic symbol represents the word Bahá, the top line represents the world of God, the middle line represents the world of the Manifestations of God and the lower line represents the world of humankind. The vertical line represents God being connected to us through His Manifestations and the two stars represent Bahá’u’lláh and The Báb.


Prayer Beads

Bahá’ís are told to say “Alláh’u’Abhá” (God, the All-Glorious) ninety-five times each day. This is relatively easy to count on the hands as 5 groups of 19 but using prayer beads, or a tap counting smart phone app, there is no need to count. There are two common forms of prayer beads, one consisting of 95 beads and the other consisting of 19 smaller beads on one section of thread and 5 more beads on another section of thread.


Burial Rings

A Bahá’í burial ring should be simple and is usually placed upon the forefinger. The ring must bear a specific inscription in Arabic, translated into English it is “I came forth from God, and return unto Him, detached from all save Him, holding fast to His Name, the Merciful, the Compassionate.” A Bahá’í institution such as a Local Spiritual Assembly may have some of these or know how to acquire them easily. An online jewellers is probably a rare last resort for a burial ring and not all of them will sell them.


The Online Jewellers

Price guide: £ = lowest prices, £££££ = highest prices

I have only included jewellers that supply Ringstone Symbol rings, there are other jewellers that do not do rings.

New Era and 9 Star Jewellery appear to have the best value deals for a regular ring with the Ringstone Symbol on it, the Qreation offering is interesting, it has a break in the reverse of the ring circumference but looks reasonably good quality. Gold rings are only available in the higher price bands, Forlora has some gold-plated Rhodium rings for a gold look at a lower price.

As for burial rings, many only offer them in English, whereas my understanding is that the ring should ideally be in Arabic.

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