InstaHouses of Worship

Not feeling I could do justice to any of the topics I was tempted to write about before the end of day 15 of the #bahaiblogging challenge, I decided instead to share some images of Bahá’í Houses of Worship from Instagram. These days, finding photographs of faraway places is becoming increasingly easy, and presented here are the continental Houses of Worship, and one local House of Worship, through the eyes, and lenses, of Instagram users.


by stanley.hovell
by shotbymu


by shady.fotos
by coolhandharry

Central America

by jorge.calzadia
by vecaro08


by simonheb

Indian Sub-Continent

by _shobhit_raj_

North America

by imarksthespot
by alveezzzy


by parvizdeamer
by 5tartravel

South America

by gaki_ss
by dfm212

Local House of Worship, Battambang, Cambodia

by alyosha19
by mawanusa


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