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007 Confusion

The film’s an error, a continuity error.

I’ve always enjoyed the Bond series of movies but when Pierce Brosnan was swapped for Daniel Craig I started having my doubts over whether or not I wanted to see the next movie.

The problem I first had was that the new bond did not have the same cool, collected yet highly aware persona of the previous Bonds, but that concern was soon lessened by the revelation that Daniel Craig is playing in a prequel (Casino Royale) to the other James Bond films and therefore he can have a much rougher character.

Ofcourse, this makes Casino Royale a different kind of 007 movie from all the others, because we are watching a man still learning the ropes as a 00 agent, rather than Britain’s top ranking secret agent that James Bond has become for the rest of the movies.

I have watched the trailers get better at www.casinoroyalemovie.com, trying to convince myself that it could be a good film, perhaps a film that shows the mental torment that built Bond to be what he became, but watching the trailer has left me unconvinced and I have suffered having to see Daniel Craig come out of the sea in his swimming trunks several times (apparantly he’s already winning a gay following for the next Bond film).

But what most bothers me about the new bond film is that they haven’t made it easy to accept Daniel Craig as the new Bond because the decision to have a prequel – that might have justified having a different kind of Bond – throws up continuity errors before the film has even started. The most obvious of which is the role of Judi Dench as M, a character who was introduced as a new M in Goldeneye.

I hate spending good money on a film where the plot doesn’t hold up to scrutiny or a twist is made far too obvious early on, at least we’ve been pre-warned that this film is not going to have the same stunning visual effects and funny one-liners, and we know it doesn’t fit in properly with the series it is supposed to prequel… so can it possibly offer anything that should pull existing fans of the James Bond series into the cinemas?

If you can answer yes, please tell me why.