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How Ay! Aiyv moved oop ear like.

It is now much more certain that unless and until I – or preferably Ladan and I – decide otherwise, rather than the Primary Care Trust or a doctor, we can stay in Newcastle Upon Tyne for the immediate future. Therefore I have found a place to live in Heaton, just over a mile from Ladan’s room at the minories. It’s a one bedroom ground-floor flat in a purpose built complex of 12 one-up one-down self-contained flats.

It’s lonelier without the lively and supportive Ferdowsian family around anymore, but it’s a very short journey to and from Ladan’s room which is the important thing, and having a local address is very useful too. Speaking of the Ferdowsian’s, Kamran has started blogging now, he also links to some very artistic photography and video work by Neil.

I’ve made one flying visit to Kent to pick up our belongings but it wasn’t long enough and the van wasn’t big enough, so there will be another very quick trp in the near future. I had hoed to meet up with some friends last time but didn’t have the opportunity, hopefully next time it will be possible.

Ladan is still very stable, and at a slow rate that stability, and her awareness, still seem to improve gradulally. I will write more about Ladan soon as it is nearly a year since her last haemorrhage.

I’ll get around to emailing my new address out soon, but email me if you need it sooner.