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The Guardian’s Resting Place

I recently saw a set of decorated scented candles with “Home isn’t a feeling, it’s a place.” printed on the side, I was surprised to see it written that way round, though if I was going to see it anywhere it would be in the north-east of England where, outside of the cities which have very diverse populations, my southern accent used to frequently prompt the unwelcoming sounding question,  “Where do you belong?”

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Picture 041
Originally uploaded by Princess T.

A few days ago I commented on this photo of driving on the M6 by Manijeh Afnan-Murray that there must be something wrong with the suspension on their car, well, it was only a joke but our own car – obviously being indirectly related to any car that Manijeh drives (Ladan, who bought it, is a cousin of Manijeh’s) – has got all sulky and started playing up just a few months after a service. It often sounds like the exhaust has come loose, Ladan’s car loving uncle thinks our suspension has gone, though it feels fine to me and photos are quite steady from it, and the acceleration isn’t always what it used to be. Unfortunately I’m not sure I can even afford to buy the car flowers to make it feel better at the moment, I’ll have to keep up the charm offensive and hope it stops playing up in such a sulky fashion. In future I’ll be sure to get our car’s approval before making any comments about other vehicles it may feel a connection with.

Flickr Photo hosting

Ladan, James, Simon and SuzanneFlickr, a photo hosting service with many nice features. Although it is probably still much smaller than Webshots, there are many different ways of browsing through, and finding, interesting photos. I’m using a free account which has its restrictions, but some people send daily posts from their travels around the world. A particularly neat feature of Flickr is its extensive RSS support, If you have software that supports RSS feeds, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, you can subscribe to people’s photo collections or even to the results of a particular search. Webshots seem to be making a few changes of their own to keep up with the improving opposition.

Link: My Flickr Account (elbraw)
Link: My Webshots Account (thenames)

Best Freeware for Windows

Some of the very best “free” applications that run under Microsoft Windows, in order of how much I have used them:

Firefox – Popular web browser with useful enhancements
Thunderbird – Fully featured email client
AVG Anti-Virus (Free Edition) – Virus protection for home use
GIMP – Photo manipulation software that rivals expensive packages
MSN Messenger – Quick and easy communication with online friends
Ocean – Quickly search through the texts of all major religions
OpenOffice.org – Complete MS Word/Excel compatiable office suite
Americas Army – An advanced war game with real army training