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Martin Roper

My Uncle Martin, husband to my mother’s sister Mavis, died unexpectedly from a heart attack on the morning of April 15th. He was 68 years old.

Martin had been feeling a tightness in his chest for a few days but did not feel it was anything that needed a doctors attention, on the morning of Saturday the 15th May his wife noticed he was struggling to breath and tried to assist but he soon died in her arms.

I would not say I was particularly close to Uncle Martin but I was always fond of him, as an uncle he was a cheerful man and never short of interesting things to say. He was also considered to be quite healthy, Martin and Mavis had retired to Uppingham, Leicestershire, for the surrounding countryside and views and enjoyed their walks together. I managed to make a very rare excursion from Newcastle for the occasion and was pleased to have been able to make it. My Mum also flew over from Zambia and I got to catch up with my cousin Phillip Roper whom I had not seen for many years.

The Funeral service was held on Thursday 5th May at Kettering Crematorium. It was a beautiful hot sunny day. Many of the guests had met Martin and Mavis on holiday in Greece where they often went. In the service Martin was referred to as a private man that very few people knew very well, but that everyone who did know him liked what they knew.

The picture is of Martin in Newcastle on the day of our wedding.